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Keypad versus voice menu key/function binding
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 Posted: Wednesday Mar 14th, 2018 09:00 pm
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There might be a very obvious answer to this but I have missed it...
One can use the Fn+key to select a function on the keypad e.g. Fn+2 = home control yet if you log in or use the voice menu remotely, different key combinations apply e.g. "select 4 for Home Control".
Why are the key/function binding NOT the same on both the keypad and voice menu?
I believe I can reassign the keypad key/function binding with Comfigurator but the keypad icons will no longer then be relevant.
I can't think of anyway to change the voice menu assignments.
Is there any good reason for this difference for those of us with OCD tendency ? :)

 Posted: Sunday Mar 18th, 2018 10:44 am
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The voice menu is not the same as the keypad function keys as there is no dorect correspondence

The Shortcut keys are for the most common or useful functions

The Voice menu is heirarchical eg 1 arm security, 2 fdor messages, 3 for security, 4 for control etc and each menu has submenus

if we had to follow the voive menu foir keypad shortcuts then we would have

f1 - arm security menu
F2 - messsages menu
F3 - security options meny
F4 - Home control menu
F5 etc

the keypad shortcut does not usuaully have submenus but goes directly to a function
eg F1 Bypass
F3 Test
F4 Record message

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