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Comfigurator 3.12.12
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 Posted: Saturday Jan 19th, 2019 06:59 am
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Known Bugs
  • Slave RS485 Communications Failure is displayed wringly in the status bar as Door station ID #-15. But pop up message Slave Communications Failure ID#1 is correct.
Bugs Fixed
  • TSM, MSM, HIO after scan, latest version was Unknown
  • Fixed bugs on MSM -Default for "Water Leak Sensor Change Report" is wrong. After "Read from EEPROM", always switch to "MSM01 Properties" tab . Input 4 settings are not updated after "Read from EEPROM"
  • When IRIO Digital zone mapped to Virtual Input – the Zone Reference to IRIO was not seen
  • Output status in Comfort Registers > Output status. For Check status function When Output status changes the Output status in check stutaus is off by 1. when output is changed using the Output status window the status is correct
  • Some computers had exception when Comfigurator is started - "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object  at Comfort.KP04A.get_EnableFlagNameSen1()) "
New Features
  • Velbus configurator supports configuration file .cfgx so new velbus modules can be added in future without a new Comfigurator version
  • Options > settings> UCM Connections – add Connect button so connection can be tested on the same screen
  • Supports UCM/Pi detected in Modules Scan
  • Supports new KNX/Logic Controller
  • Improved Vocabulary matching. Comfigurator detects the Vocabulary type programmed in Comfort and forces the wordlist to the correct Vocabulary to avoid mismatch in word lists betwen Comfigurator and Comfort
  • Improved detection of Comfort firmware and File System, and improved File conversion between file systems
  • Controllers with built in UCMs show the UCM properties in the Controller Tab (eg CM9001, LGX01, UCM/Logic, KNX/Logic)

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