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Failed to Upgrade Firmware
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 Posted: Wednesday Aug 14th, 2019 09:13 pm
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I already restore login 1234 :) I pressed the button Download on UCM Ethernet and the sistem back :)

My keypad work perfectly. only the audio messages have to be recovered.

Thanks for your help.

 Posted: Sunday Aug 25th, 2019 04:06 am
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Some reminders on doing firmware upgrade

There are different methods of doing Firmware Upgrade, described here

Use UCM/ETH03 or UCM/USB  to upgrade, NOT ETH02 or ETH01 as these are not supported.

If the UCM and Comfort firmware are version 7, with the latest Comfigurator, then right click on the module and select "Check for Upgrades" see There is no need to use the firmware upgrading cable
Upgrade the UCM first followed by Comfort, then other modules eg Keypad, other ucms etc
If the firmware upgrade fails for any reason the upgraded module will not be useable if the upgrade did not finish. Do NOT disconnnect or switch off the system. Comfigurator will give an option "Continue Upgrade from last address? " select yes and allow the upgrade to continue This will often alloww the upgrade to complete.

If it still fails, use the UCM Firmware upgrade method, see
make sure the cables are connected correct

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