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Register Monitor Window
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 Posted: Wednesday Aug 28th, 2019 01:52 pm
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Register Monitor
The Register Monitor feature in Comfigurator 3.12.15 is very useful when you want to monitor a range of Comfort registers; eg  Sensor registers, Counters for setpoints, and Flags for enable setpoints.  Before this, you had to go to  Counters to monitor counters, Sensors to monitor sensors and Flags to monitor Flags. This new feature allows all required registers to be monitored in a single window.

Go to Comfort Registers > Register Window.

The Login window appears. Enter a valid  user code.
A new window appears "Add Register to Monitor"

Select Counter, Flag, Output, Sensor or ZoneThen select the register number according to the register type selected
Continue adding registers to the monitor window.

The real time status of the Registers are shown

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