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Hearing pressed digits on Comfort II dial-in
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 Posted: Sunday May 31st, 2020 12:34 am
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I recently switched from Comfort I to comfort II (after 20 years...).So, I am used to dial into Comfort for a long time.
One of the "things" I had on Comfort I was that I could hear back (as an echo) any digit I pressed on my mobile.This was very helpful specially when the communication was not very good and some digits failed to reach Comfort - I could hear them missing and repeat the digit.
Now, with Comfort II, currently when I call-in and insert the digits on the mobile I do not have a feedback, so for instance for the sign-in code I only know it in the end that some digit was wrong or missed, but then I cannot correct what I cannot "see". This is frustrating and looks like lottery trying to sign-in remotely.
NOTE: I am using the same mobile phone for the last two years, so no difference in that end.
Is there any "tuning" on Comfort communication that can give me back the feedback of digits pressed? 

 Posted: Sunday May 31st, 2020 02:32 am
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That is correct. In Comfort 2, you no longer hear the digits that you press. This is due to a different DSP that is used. There are o settings that can change thatHowever the DTMF detection is just as good or better than Comfort 1.

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