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Bugs Fixed
  • fix bug from EMS 7.159 – if counter setpoint is out of limits, setpoint is changed to within limit but the counter value is not updated correctly and causes endless loop

  • RS485 command 89H supports 3rd byte as fractional sensor value = 0 instead of FF is no 3rd byte. But UCM/Zwave PP parameter is supported for Zwave only. Sensor 3rd byte applies to EMS only
  • For EMS sensor event log, if module which reported sensor has Communications Failure, set sensor value to 255 so KP04A display does not remain unchannged as last value reported, and causes alarm
  • Implemented Sensor calibration with Fractional value 1/16 for EMS to  work with UCM 7.121 and built in eth03
  • sensors adjustment for scale fix bug for division
  • EMS sensor event log, fixed BUG that sensors 9 onwards are not recorded correctly. Changed so that any sensor with counter assigned is recorded in event log every hour
  • Sensor Register calibration in eeproM is 1/16 units to use calibration value with 1/16 unit calibration value from EEPROM

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