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Wrong code when dialling (DTMF is not detected)
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 Posted: Thursday Oct 8th, 2020 11:07 am
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I have recently started to experience a problem when I ring into the system from my mobile or an external phone. I receive the initial voice message, as normal, at which point I press the * key. I then enter my PIN code followed by # and very often I will receive the message "Wrong Code". I will enter my PIN code again, followed by # and usually receive the same "Wrong Code" message, followed by "Goodbye" although on very rare occasions it will accept the code on the second attempt. This problem occurs approximately 1 in every 4 attempts I make to dial into the system and I can usually tell when it will fail by the number of beeps I hear in reply. I assume that this has something to do with DTMF tones but I am unsure how to troubleshoot this further or how to fix it.
Can anybody help with this issue?

 Posted: Friday Oct 9th, 2020 04:48 am
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Did you change your phone line recently? Is it a fixed line or are you using ADSL or fibre with an analog line extension. Those digital phone lines are known to have problems with DTMF incoming detection.

If yours in a normal phone line, look at the Tuning Parameters, see attached screenshot
DTMF Sensitivity (Parameter 45) should be 18. Normally you should not change this, so make sure it is the same value.

The AFE Line In Remote gain (Parameter 88) default is 4. It may need to be higher or lower This is the gain for the incoming voice and tones from a remote phone line. It may be too high or too low. .

Write the existing values down and change by +2  then write selective  to comfort and test. If DTMF cannot be detected then add 2 and try again until it can be detected.. If adding positive values do not work, then try reducing the original value of 4 by 1, and try again.
If changing parameter 88 does not work, then try to change the value of DTMS sensitivity (parameter 45) by adding 2 to the previous value.

The Tuning parameters can also be changed using the Keypad or Phone in Engineer Menu using Locations menu (7,4,3). The Location is shown in the bott6om of the tune parameters screen when a parameter is selected. Note that when changing parameters by keypad or phone, Comfort needs to be reset after changing the DTMF sensitivity, but not the AFE Line In Remote gain (Parameter 88). Comfigurator will automatically reset Comfort after write selective for Tune parameters

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