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Keypad Communications/ ID Messages
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 Posted: Thursday Jan 21st, 2021 05:44 am
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The following messages may be seen on the Keypad LCD due to Bus or ID problems:. 

"No Bus Communications" 
This means that the Keypad is not receiving Mesages on the RS485 Bus. This should be due the wiring from the keypad to the Comfort controller being wrongly connected, particularly the KA/KB wires.

"ID Not Polled" 
This means the RS485 Bus is connected but the  Keypad ID is not polled. Press F9 to check what is the Keypad ID. Make sure the Keypad IDs are consecutive and have no missing IDs. Right Click on the Modules Tab and Do a Scan for All Modules in Comfigurator to detect all the modules in the Bus.

"ID Conflict Detected" 
This may be due to a duplicate Keypad ID in the system, or it may have the same causes as "ID Not Polled".  This may also be caused by a faulty wiring from the keypad KA/KB to the Controller.  

"RS485 Communications Failure Keypad # X"
Keypad IDs should be consecutive eg if there are 6 Keypads, they should have IDs running fro 1 to 6 with no missing IDs. Missing IDs will cause "RS485 Communications Failure" Message

Most problems are caused by wiring. A good test is to remove the keypad from its mounting, unplug the Terminal Blocks, and connect the Keypad directly to the Comfort controller by a short cable. If the problem does not occur then the issue is the wiring. 

Most problems are caused by wiring. Everybody insists the wiring is correct, but in the end, it is always the wiring! Dont forget to check the Terminal blocks as the contact may bot be good or not tightened over the conducting oart of the wire

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