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Using RIO as an alarm extension!
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 Posted: Thursday Jul 15th, 2021 01:52 pm
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I know this is a convoluted way of creating an alarm function using a RIO but due to an inability to lay further wiring to an out building, would it be possible to connect an output of a RIO directly to a zone in comfort or would I have to use a relay from the RIO output to create a Zero voltage contact to connect to the Zone: 
1)      Preferred sequence:  Sensor to RIO input. (secondary) RIO output to a Zone

2)      Alternative sequence: Sensor to RIO input,  (secondary) RIO output to a relay, relay to a Zone

This would be done on a Comfort  9000

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 Posted: Friday Jul 16th, 2021 01:55 am
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You would need to use a relay from RIO Output to Comfort input, as RIO output when turned on doez not pull the voltage all the way to 0

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