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Reminder Messages in Alarm Dialout
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 Posted: Monday Jan 24th, 2022 03:17 am
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Recorded Reminder messages can be played instead of the common Alarm Message when Comfort dials out in an alarm.

Create a Response for each alarm type as folows;
  1. Under Keypads, Assign Reminder to Alarms.
  2. Select the Reminder number
  3. Select Alarm Type from the drop down list
This Response can be run any time befoire the alarm, eg in the Starup Response, or in the Alarm Response for each alarm
If there is nmo Recorded Reminder Message, then the recorded Alarm Message will be played as usual. (If there is no Alarm Message then there is no message).

If the selected Reminder mesage is recorded then it will be played instead of the alarm Message. 

As usual, please upgrade Comfigurator to the latest 3.13.7, and Comfort firmware to the latest in order to use this feature

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