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UCM/USB Comms failure
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 Posted: Tuesday Jan 17th, 2023 01:12 am
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The newer USB submodule hardware has changed in that the submodule is powered from the PC USB port so that when the USB cable is not plugged in to the PCm the USB is not working. This has an effect that if the UCM/USB is powered on when the cable is not plugged to the PC and you try to connect to the UCM (eg by Comfigurator), the connection fails. This is because the UCM firmware did not detect the USB submodule and assumed the Wifi submodule is plugged in instead.

The solution to this is to power off the UCM and power on again (by unplugging and plugging in the white 4 way cable) while keeping the USB cable connected to the PC. Resetting the USB will not work - a cold start is needed.

In UCM Firmware 7.176 an improvement has been made. see  The UCM can be reset without having to power off, while the USB is connected to the PC. Also the ERR led (D3 Red) turns on the the Wifi submodule is detected. Hence is you see the ERR led ON, just plug in the USB cable to the PC and press the rseton the UCM.

If the wifi submodule is connected, the ERR led should be on.

Note that old USB submodules are not powered by the PC and do not have this problem

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