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Using a CM4 on the UCM/Pi
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 Posted: Tuesday Apr 16th, 2024 03:44 pm
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For anyone considering starting off (or upgrading) with a Raspberry Pi CM4, this is my experience of the process.I purchased a CM4108032 - Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 - WiFi - 8GB RAM -
32GB Storage, which is probably total overkill for this project, but it was all that was in stock at the time. Along with this I got an antenna kit and a heatsink - both of which were not really needed.From Amazon I got the WaveShare CM4-to-CM3-Board which allows you to attach a CM4 onto a CM3 style connector. I think this cost about €20.With the CM4 and heatsink attached to the UCM/Pi, it looks a bit flimsy but in practice I've had no problems with the security of the mount - see the attached photo.
In use, the heatsink barely gets warm and CPU load averages around 0.14 with occasional peaks up to 2.I started off by removing the UCM/Pi from the alarm system as it's location made it awkard to work on. I then installed the CM4 and adapter board and hooked it up to a keyboard, monitor and 12V power supply. This was a mistake, Raspbian OS would not install, crashing immediately after the installation. WaveShare support suggested that it was a power issue, so I tried a 5A 12V supply with the same results. Only when I installed the UCM/Pi back in the alarm would the install complete successfully.Once I got the install script working, it has run without any issues for the last few months.For anyone thinking that this upgrade will improve performance, I'm afraid the only difference I noticed was a slightly faster boot time. With Node-RED, it felt the same as a CM3. However, I have installed Docker, so I can install a few of my favourite images on it and take advanage of the built-in battery back up for reliability.

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