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 Posted: Saturday May 5th, 2012 06:18 pm
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So for those that have tried the new ComfortClient build you may be wondering how to control the plugin updates in ComfortClient; answer is via filters.

By default I dont restrict the plugins from writing to tha activity tab, monitor window, status message, error log etc. I trust the plugins to behave responsibly.

But you can also restrict how much information to allow through. Check out the section in the help manual on how to setup filters.

Basically you use {} brackets to combine the module, group, ID or individual value into a filter.

So to match a filter against the world weather plugin as a whole would be {World Weather}; then tick the filters you want applied.

Filters are basically:

So {Comfort}{Counter} is all counters.

Check out the screenshot attached and have a play and you'll see how it works.


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