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Arming to Away Mode
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 Posted: Saturday Jul 23rd, 2011 05:18 am
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Comfort has 3 methods of arming to Away Mode, i.e. when no one is in the premises.

The setting  for the Away Arming Method is in Comfigurator Security > Arming and Disarming

Final Door Arming

In Final Door Arming, the exit delay is terminated and the system armed when the user exits via the designated Entry Door (Zone Type 2).  If the entry door is closed, open and close the door when leaving to complete the arming process. If the entry door is already open, then close the door on the way out. This is the preferred way of arming as it means that when the fiinal door is closed, the entry delay is terminated and the system arms after a few seconds. The entry delay cannot be too short because the user needs to have enough time to leav the premises in the worst case, but they should not have to wait a long time after leaving the house to confirm that the system is actually armed. This is the preferred way to arm the security system to away mode, and NOT Arm after exit delay

Arm after Exit Delay

In Arm after Exit Delay, the system is armed when the Exit time expires and all protected zones are closed. This is is NOT recommended and should be used when an Entry Door contact is not available.

Exit Terminator

Exit Terminator is normally used for the UK only, and arms only when an Exit Terminator or Door station button is press

For arming to Night and Day Modes there is no need to exit the house. The system is armed after the Night Exit Delay of a few seconds

In all cases when arming the system, open zones will be announced on all the keypads and displayed on the LCD Keypads. This means you cannot arm the system until the open zones are closed, and "Please exit" is announced. However you can "Force Arm", ie automatically bypass open zones to allow the system to be armed. This is done by pressing the # key on the keypad, or if arming by the telephone voice menu, pressing # on the telephone. Force-armed zones are bypassed until they are closed, whereupon they become active again, ie will cause an alarm when the zone is opened. Note that Force-arming may be disabled by the installer depending on local regulations.

When comfort is armed to away mode the external siren will give 2 loud chirps
See this topic to disable this

Advice on programming zones - Important
It is recommended that an Entry Door is always installed in the system, programmed as Entry Door Zone Type.
When arming to Away Mode, closing the Entry Door will end the Exit delay and complete arming to Away Mode. If the entry door is already closed, it must be opened and closed to arm to away mode. Failure to do this causes "Arm Failure"

When the system is armed, opening the Entry Door will start the entry delay to allow the user time to disarm the alarm.

Do NOT depend only on motion detectors (PIRS) only for your alarm. PIRs are meant to a a secondary defence, while window and door contacts should be the first  line of defence. It is not recommended to use a PIR as an Entry Door, as a PIR can be triggered within the house causing false alarms.

If it is absolutely impossible to wire a magnetic contact to the Entry Door, and you have to use a PIR as entry door, then set the Away Arming Method to "Exit Delay". By default the Away Arming method is set to "Final Door"

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