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 Posted: Saturday Dec 14th, 2013 04:49 am
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The CM9000 PCB should be mounted on the AC-PLATE01 which will have the same mounting holes as Comfort 1

Photo below shows how the Comfort 2 PCB sits on the metal plate via the plastic standoffs which are supplied

Accessory pack with plastic standoffs and other resistors and cables

Take note of the  connections  to the Comfort 1 PCB and reconnect them to the new PCB
The Hookup diagram can be downloaded from This shows the connections

Download the  Comfort 2 manuals from and read carefully

If you have the old ccl or cclx file, open in Comfigurator 3 and convert to the correct version, Comfort 2 Ultra (or Optimum depending on which model you have)
Check your program and write to Comfort and test.

You can use a UCM or KT03 USB port to wrote to Comfort

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