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Comfigurator 3.7.6 and above has a new Functions Category. The Functions are a new concept in Comfort where previously, what required complex programming using Responses can be replaced by the built-in Functions which operate based on the entry of parameters
Functions are implemented in Comfort Firmware 7.039 (yet to be released)
Only Comfort Ultra and Logic Engine shall support Functions

The first functions available are Thermostats and Blinds

The Thermostat function  is described in

The Blinds Function allows Comfort to control automated Blinds or curtains without programming pulses in Responses. Blinds are automated by installing a blinds motor and mechanism to roll up or down the blinds. A Blinds controller is needed connected to up and down switches, and sometimes RF/IR remote control
Blinds are driven by motors which can be  controlled by relays either low voltage or 230V.  One relay causes the blinds to go Up or Open and another causes the blinds to go down or close.

Types of Blinds Control
Pulse control with 2 or 3 outputs to the blinds controller. Stop control can be by output or by pulsing 2 outputs simultaneously This allows independent control by switches or remote controls. Comfort/SEM  will support this only

Latched control with 2 outputs and timer to direct drive the motors without controller. A limit switch stops movement of motors at full travel. Independent control is by parallel switch or remote control  - This wil be implemented in RIO in future. RIO is used mainly for automation.

Minimum Requirements
Comfort Ultra or Logic Engine Firmware 7.039 and above
Comfigurator 3.7.6 and above

Comfigurator for Blinds
Go to Functions > Blinds
Up to 8 blinds can be configured

Stop Method:
Choose None, "Use 3rd Output" , "Pulse Up/Down Outputs together"

"None" means there is no command to Stop the blinds during movement.
"Use 3rd output" uses selected Output +2 for STOP.
"Pulse Up/Down Outputs" gives a pulse on both Up and Down outputs to stop the blinds.

Output Number 1 to 16 only (not in slaves).

Select the Output Numbers used  for the blind. The outputs assigned will be sequentially numbered.

The specified  Output is for Up/Open.
Output+1 is assigned to Down/Close
Output+2 is assigned to STOP if  the Stop method is "Use 3rd Output"
3 sequential Outputs  are assigned for Stop Method "Use 3rd Output"and 2 sequential Outputs  are assigned for Stop Method "Pulse Up/Down Outputs together"

Pulse width: 500 ms, 1000 ms, 1500 ms, 2000 ms.

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The attached file blindshvactest.cclx is an example of howw to configure and control the Blinds function

The screenshot below shows the Control Menu to control the 2 blinds for Up and Down as well as All blinds to control all blinds at the same time

The screenshot below shows a KT03 page controlling the Blinds

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