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Comfort supports the following sensor message types.
    Sensor Multilevel V4,  Multilevel Sensor
Nearly all ZWave devices that have sensor capability will support Multilevel Sensor message so Comfort will be able to get the sensor information reliably and fast.
However, for Comfort to get the information the Comfort Node Type must change from Basic to Multilevel Sensor.
There is an issue in Comfort that makes it difficult to change device type from Basic Node to Multilevel Sensor but more on this later. However despite this I have still got sensor information and changed node type to Multilevel Sensor from Basic  and got fast and accurate temperature readings for example.
I have the following devices in my system  and I am able get temperature sensor information from the following in Comfort 
  1. Fibaro Smoke Sensor  - wired 
  2. Fibaro Motion Sensor  
  3. All Qubino ZWave modules (dimmers, on/off, thermostats, pilot wire controllers) –have temperature senor information - just connect Qubino Temperature Sensor  and you will have temperature. I have 14 Qubino  devices – 8 Pilot wire, 2 thermostats(Flush Module Plus), 4 dimmers and all can be used to get temperature into Comfort. 
  4. Horstman/Secure SIR 321 immersion heater controller support – this is a really good device – just add temperature sensor and is very reliable. This is a really straight forward device. It has a countdown timer - so the device can be switched on for half an hour, or 2 hours for example. It is great for immersion heaters but also lights or anything else that should be switched on for a certain amount of time. The sensor information is fast and very reliable. It should be on your list of devices to get.
Step 1 - Vera
Even as of writing Vera does not seem to correctly display temperature sensor information and even though the information is available in the zWave device itself.  This could mislead you into thinking that there is something wrong with the device but this would be very wrong. I have had issues at some level or another with all 4 of the above in Vera. But ignore this point for now. Just make sure the device is registered in Vera or any other primary controller and DO NOT worry that you may not see the temperature sensor information in the primary controller. This will make no difference to Comfort. As long as the node changes to Multilevel Sensor you will be get the sensor information like temperature from the device into comfort automatically and reliably.

Step 2 – Comfort 
Just use Comfort Learn to add  or change device so that the node type is set to Multilevel Sensor ( default is Basic which is what you do not want) and then you will be able to set or assign comfort sensor registers to the device in ZWave Mappings.

Please now follow my email thread on
ZWave Hints and Tips Installation, Commisioning – changing node types.

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Please now follow my email thread on ZWave Hints and Tips Installation, Commisioning – changing node types.
Great stuff. But where is the thread?

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