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KP06A Keypad
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 Posted: Sunday Nov 15th, 2015 07:24 am
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The KP06A Keypad is a new version of KP06 that replaces KP06.

This looks almost exactly like KP06 and white and black versions are also available.

see other faceplates and colours for KP06A ar

The KP06A Leaflet can be downloaded from

The main changes are that the settings are expanded and these can be read or written by Comfigurator

The following Settings can be changed (same as KP04A)
  1. Keypad ID: 1* to 15
  2. Key Beep: Soft */ Loud/ Disable
  3. Alert Beep: Soft */ Loud/ Disable
  4. Backlight: Automatic */ Always On/ Always Off
  5. IR Receiver: Enable* / Disable
  6. Voice Broadcast: Enable* / Disable
  7. Keypad Tamper: Enable* / Disable
  8. Date Format: DD/MM/YY * etc
  9. Time Format: 12 Hr*/ 24 Hr
  10. LCD Contrast: 0-63 (default 37)
  11. Backlight Off: 0-31 (default 1)
  12. Factory Default: Yes/No*
  13. Save Menu (Yes/No*)
The KP06A properties can be read or changed using the latest version of Comfigurator.

Go to the Modules Tab and Scan for Modules to detect the keypads and modules in the system. Then select KP06A on the left pane. The Properties can be seen on the right pane

Change the properties by clicking on the right of the setting.

"Write to Keypad" writes the settings to KP07A
"Read from Keypad" reads the settings from KP06A

Explanation of the KP04A Settings

Keypad ID: 1* to 15
ID of Keypad. Note he Comfort currently supports 8 keypads

Key Beep: Soft */ Loud/ Disable
Volume of beeps for each key press

Alert Beep: Soft */ Loud/ Disable
Volume of alert beeps made by the keypad eg Error or Long beep when a wrong code is entered

Backlight: Automatic */ Always On/ Always Off
Automatic means the LCD and Keyboard backlight turns on when there is an alert or alarm condition.

IR Receiver: Enable* / Disable
Enable or disable the built-in IR receiver. Used by RC01 Remote control.

Voice Broadcast: Enable* / Disable
Enable or Disable Broadcast of Announcements. Announcements include Security Mode (Away, Night, Day, Security Off), Alarms, Arming zones.
Even if Broadcast announcements are disabled, Full Alarms (eg Intruder, Panic, Fire) will always be announced.

Keypad Tamper: Enable* / Disable
Enable or Disable the Tamper switch when the KP04A is removed from the base.

Date Format: DD/MM/YY * etc
Select from different date formats

Time Format: 12 Hr*/ 24 Hr
Select from different time formats

LCD Contrast: 0-63 (default 37)
Enter the value of LCD Contrast to suit the room illumination.

Backlight Off: 0-31 (default 1)
Enter the brightness of the backlight when backlight is off. A positive value allows the LCD to be legible even when the backlight is off.

Factory Default: Yes/No*
Reset to Factory Default

Save Menu (Yes/No*)
Save settings?

KP06A supports Partitions in Comfort

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