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 Posted: Saturday Jun 23rd, 2018 03:00 am
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CM9001-EMS is an advanced Environmental  Monitoring System which  monitors temperature, humidity, water leakage and other sensors in unattended facilities like Data Centres, Server rooms, Wine chillers, Telecom Base Stations, and Pharmaceutical Freezers.

Notification of alarm is via dial-out  to a maximum of 16 phone numbers for Voice announcements or SMS messages. The Eth03 email feature is not recommended for EMS (as it is more suited to Intruder Alarm

8 outputs on the system can be programmed to control equipment via relays or to send Infrared signals  to control air-conditioning systems.

CM9001-EMS is a modular system which allows easy expansion of functions, Input/Outputs, and external interfaces like Modbus, KNX and C-Bus, or RS232 and RS485 interfaces.

CM9001-EMS is based on the same proven reliable hardware as Comfort, but firmware is specially developed for Monitoring of sensors and dial out voice announcement or SMS for alarms. An Industrial wordlist/vocabulary is installed instead of the Residential wordlist for voice announcement.

CM9001-EMS has enhanced Sensor Registers. The Sensor registers can be have Setpoints in Counter registers so that when the Sensor value exceeds the setpoint, a Virtual Input can be turned on which then activates one of 31 alarm types

The MSM01 Multi-sensor Module has Build in Temperature and Humidity Sensors that are mapped to Sensors in CM9001-EMS. 2 external Water Leak Detector cables can be connected to MSM01 to monitor water leakage in server rooms. There are also 4 external Inputs for connection to external equipment for failure event detection. The sensors when the value exceeds to setpoints cause alarms in CM9001-EMS
Details of each of the features will be described in other posts in this forum

The Optional UCM/GSM4 can be used to send SMS to a maximum of 16 phone numbers in the event of any alarm. Each Type of Alarm grouped by Machine, or Sensor type can dial out to a maximum of 16 Phone numbers by SMS or by voice call to announce the alarm information. CM9001-EMS also has a built-in dialer for voice calls by landline  telephone lines.

Please visit the CM9001-EMS on the web at with links to datasheet download
The CM9001-EMS can be downloaded from

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