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Slave Expansion Module for CM9001
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 Posted: Sunday Aug 4th, 2019 06:47 am
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SEM01C is the new Slave Expansion Module replacing SEM01-M2

The  Slave Expansion Module allows Comfort to be expanded beyond 16 Inputs and 16 Outputs. Each SEM01C/SEP01C contains 8 Inputs and 0 outputs, The  SEM01C/SEP01C which can be expanded by connecting LEM01 (8 inputs, 8 outputs) or LEM02B (8 inputs), or  LEM03 (16 Inputs). 8 (Open-collector) outputs can be added to SEM01C/SEP01C by plugging in the OP03 Output Submodule. SEM01C is the PCB only with TT001-0022 DC Power Supply, and SEP01C is SEM01C with the EN01 metal enclosure. SEM01C will refer to both SEM01C and SEP01C for functionality description.

Specifications - SEP01C/SEM01C
Zone Inputs
  • 8 programmable zones  expandable to 16  with Local Expansion Module  (LEM01, LEM02) or to 24 with LEM03B. LEM03 can only be added to the last Slave ID in the system
  • Each zone configurable for 0 or 2 end-of-line resistors by software setting (no shunts needed)
  • Up to 32 predefined Zone types to simplify zone configuration
  • Surge/Over voltage protection for each Input
  • SEM01C does not include Outputs. OP03 must be plugged in (to OP03 header) to give 8 open-collector outputs (see OP03 Section below)
Power Supply
  • TT01-0022 Switched Mode Power Supply Input 90 to 260 VAC, Output 15VDC, 1.8 Amps
  • Built-in regulated 13.8V Output voltage supply and battery charging circuit. Supplies 1A DC max to 12V, S12V  and outputs combined. independent of the main Comfort panel. This allows the 12V power in the whole system to be distributed between the Comfort and Slave power supplies. Each SEM01 requires its own 12V 7 AH back-up battery.
  • SEM01 Quiescent current 100 mA max, 50 mA typical.
Auxiliary Supply Outputs
  • 12V unswitched supply
  • S12V switchable supply (programmable for reset operation eg for Smoke detector reset)
  • Note: Both 12V and S12V  auxiliary supplies and 8 Outputs have a combined continuous current limit of 1A, protected by  common resettable fuse  of 1.3A
System Supervision
  • Individual Zone tamper (open-circuit or short-wiring)  with 2 end of line (EOL) resistors
  • Dedicated 24 hour Tamper input
Input/Output Expansion
Each Slave Expansion Module can be expanded using one of the Local Expansion Modules
  • LEM01B - Local Expansion Module 8+8 (8 zones, 8 outputs)
  • LEM02B - Local Expansion Module 8+0 (8 zones, 0 outputs), plug in to J5 connector.
  • LEM03 – Local Expansion Module 16+0 (16 inputs, 0 outputs)
  • Each Slave can support a total of 16 inputs and 16 outputs (or 24 Inputs, 8 outputs with LEM03). 5 SEMs can be installed in a Comfort System, giving a system capacity of 96 inputs and outputs. If LEM03 is connected to a SEM, then SEMs with a higher ID cannot be connected. Eg if SEM01 ID 1 has an LEM03, then SEMs 2,3,4,5 cannot be added to the system
  • SEM01C: 230 x 130 mm.
Alarm Outputs
  • Siren (12V) Output
  • Speaker output for Internal speaker 8 ohm to 32 Ohms
  • Strobe (12V) Output

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 Posted: Sunday Aug 4th, 2019 06:54 am
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Differences – SEM01C and SEM01-M2
  • SEM01C does not have EOL shunts to determine if EOL resistors should be connected to the zone. The EOL setting is programmed in Comfigurator 3.11.14 and above (No EOL, or Double EOL) The older SEM01-M2 has EOL shunts for each zone. If an older LEM with shunts is connected to SEM01C then the LEM zones will only have the option "Use Shunts". The EOL shunts in the LEM-M2 wil determine the EOL status
  • LEM02B Local Expansion Module 8 inputs 0 outputs can be plugged in and mounted to SEM01C, not in SEM01-M2
  • SEM01C does not come with Outputs. OP03 output submodule can be plugged in to provide 8 outputs. SEM01-M2 comes with 8 outputs.
  • Setting of ID for SEM01C is by use of ID button and LEDs ID0 to ID4 to show the ID. SEM01-M2 has ID shunts to set ID
  • X10 connector is not in SEM01C.
  • SEM01C Tamper connector is 3-way terminal block with spare center pin for series connection of Tampers in series.
  • Analog/Power Supply section uses TT01-0022 universal switched power supply (90-260VAC Input), 15VDC output, hence a large heatsink is not needed. SEM01-M2 uses Power transformer 14VAC output.
  • SEM01C and SEM01-M2 Digital and Analog sections are interchangeable, ie the Digital Section of SEM01C or SEM01C can be plugged in to the analog/power supply sections of either SEM, provided the correct power supply/transformer is connected to the Analog / Power supply side.
SEM01C can be used wiith CM9001 and CM9000

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