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Comfort WebServer Module
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 Posted: Sunday Nov 5th, 2006 07:34 am
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The Comfort Web Server Module CWM02 allows Comfort to be connected to a Local Area Network as well as to the Internet so that a browser can be used to view web pages in Comfort. It comes with an Ethernet interface. The embedded web server software is also built-in allowing web pages representing a home, office or factory layout with alarm points and appliances to be displayed on a browser. The activation of motion detectors as well as opening and closing of doors and windows is shown on the screen as they occur. The state of connected appliances and lights is also represented. Clicking on a light or appliance will change the state of the device (off to on and vice versa), and the change in state is updated as it occurs. The security system can also be armed to any mode (Away, Night, Day or Vacation) or disarmed by the click of a button. Any alarm activation will be shown in a message box or as a flashing icon. A network camera server on the local area network can be linked to the web server to view the premises on the Internet.
The CWM can monitor any third party product which provides status to Comfort, eg C-Bus, EIB, X10, Honeywell Smartfit, Dynalite
The web page can be customized by anyone with knowledge of HTML. Several sample files and graphic images are provided as a reference to jump start the application. A free designer tool called the CWM Applet Designer allows the web pages, images and actions to be configured easily by dragging and dropping selected images
Connection to the Internet is via router on the local area network
  • Built-in Web Server with Linux Operating System
  • SSL encryption of communications
  • Network Interface (RJ45 connector) 100 MB/sec
  • Port mapping to allow camera servers to be accessed from same IP address (maximum of 10 ports)
  • Flash memory 1 GB for operating system, software and web pages, DRAM 256 MB. Approximately 600 MB is used by the operating system, 400 MB left for web page design and graphics
  • Sample graphic image files and designs provided in CWM and CD-ROM
  • Access by computer through the internet or  local network
  • Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape
  • TCP Port for access by Comfigurator (acts like a UCM/Ethernet) to allow upload and download to Comfort

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 Posted: Saturday Aug 13th, 2011 03:04 am
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Please note that the CWM02 has been discontinued until further notice due to parts shortages

The Cytech iPhone app is another means of accessing Comfort through the web. Other mobile apps will be developed in due course

We apologize for any inconvenience

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