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Comfort II Ultra 5.145
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 Posted: Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008 02:13 pm
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The new firmware 5.145 is a major firmware upgrade with many new imporvements and changes. If upgrading from an older firmware, refer also to the section on Upgrading at the end of this document. Interim Firmware from 5.140 to 5.144 must be upgraded to 5.145 which is the released version

New Features and Changes in Firmware 5.145

Intercom Tuning

  1. Overhauled Tuning parameters and improved intercoms performance. The new default tuning parameters must be downloaded .Requires new tuning parameters file tuning.cfg for Comfigurator
  2. Added Tuning parameters 14 and 33 Volume of GSM Intercom to KP/DP to allow independent adjustment.
  3. Introduced new tune parameter 43 and 44 for Fullduplex/halfduplex for phone to Keypad/Door station and Keypad to Door station Intercom. "Halfduplex" mode allows better volume for one side at a time at the expense of lower volume for the other side, but switching from one side to another is rapid so is not noticeable.
  4. Pressing * during intercom will toggle between ½ duplex and fullduplex, but will reset to tune parameter default when intercom ended. Works for Phone to KP/DP and Keypad to Door Station
  5. Tune Parameter AEC RT and TR ratio for Keypad to DP (31 and 32) is not used, it now common with AEC RT and TR ratio for Phone to Keypad (23 and 24)
  6. Put back separate RT and TR ratios for KP to DP intercom in Tuning Parameters (12, 13, 31,32) to allow KP to DP intercom hysteresis so switching is stable and not switch back and forth rapidly in 1/2 duplex mode
  7. Added Tuning parameter 43 (Location 99) for fullduplex
  8. New Tune parameter 87 for remote phone gain for KP/DP Intercom to replace Phone Intercom Voice Level slider in Voice Settings or Location 1700 which is not used anymore
  9. Defined new Tuning Parameter 88 for AFE Line IN Remote Gain for dial out and dial in connections, sindependent from Record Level which applies to Remote Recording only. Hence changing Record Level has no effect on dial out and dial in and DTMF detection unless in Record mode
  10. Defined new Tuning Parameter for for AFE Out Gain Keypad to Keypad for Baby monitor and keypad intercom modes

Recording Parameters

  1. "RECORD AGC" parameter on and off does not need reset, it is read at each recording, Improved performance of AGC during recording of messages
  2. RECORD LEVEL gain applies to Remote phone recording only and does not affect any remote dial out or dial in connections

Detect Disconnected Battery Flag

  1. Added Configuration "Unused Bit 4" for Detect No Battery. If unchecked, system will not detect battery disconnected as Low Battery and will not switch off AC every 10 seconds to test battery.. This corresponds to situation before implementation of EN50131 compliance. The new Comfigurator will name this "unused " flag as "Detect Battery Disconnected".
  2. Support Slave 5.139 Detect Battery Disconnect flag, i.e. the Slave will also implement the Detect Battery Disconnect flag together with the Main Comfort module. Slave 5.139 will implement the Battery Disconnected Flag. SEM 5.084 to 5.100 will always detect Battery disconnected regardless of the flag

Keypad Volume Menu

  1. New menu "7 for Volume" in main menu to adjust keypad volume from 0 to 100. Default volume is 50. "Enter new number 0 to 100 and # key" to change volume of the voice menu. Requires vocabulary Version 28. The volume can be set independently for each keypad. This helps Intercom tuning as the keypad volume applies only to the voice menu and playback of messages only, and does not affect the volume in Intercom mode. The volume menu is not heard on the Phone menu as it us an individual adjustment for the keypadbeing used. This is not saved in the current configurator.
  2. New keypad shortcut F* for keypad Volume replaces Answering Machine settings . Added Action 91,39 select keypad volume menu. Note that Comfigurator 2.2.3 does not support action 91 with parameter 39 and will show an error, but will be able to download with this error.


  1. Output control signal changed to suit OP1 plug in modules which have filter to prevent false triggering of outputs. New OP1s with older firmware should still work but with less margin
  2. Reset Outputs Action is queued in the Output commands buffer with other output and X10 related commands so the sequence of operations with a Reset outputs command will be logical. It used to be immediate and not queued.


  1. Fixed problem of slow response to keypad key presses when there are many ids in the system, causing delay when signing in on keypad.
  2. Update Keypad led status more consistently to avoid situations where the leds have no status, and must be reset or armed to get correct status
  3. RS485 receive buffer increased size to cater for future messages

Voice Station/Baby Monitor

  1. Keypad Menu 5 for Voice station has no time out, just like baby monitor mode so 5 for voice station can be used for baby monitor mode. User presses 5 for Voice station then selects the other keypad where the baby is at.

GSM Support

  1. During dial-out via GSM to voice phone, Do not detect DTMF or busy tones sent by GSM module while connecting, as this would cause Comfort to think voice answered and give the alarm announcement. The new GSM module sends two DTMF tones while dialing which caused older firmware to think call is answered.
  2. For GSM dial-out after time-out (40 secs) with no answer or call ended status, send hang-up command to GSM so that it stops ringing the called party, Before this, after time-out, the phone keeps ringing and if called party answers but is not connected to anything
  3. For GSM, if no UCM/GSM is programmed, and dial to SMS is programmed, the dial-out will be cleared without holding up dial buffer
  4. For GSM removed relay clicks when dialing to GSM or SMS
  5. Dial to SMS increased events in buffer from 12 to 16
  6. Fixed problem for GSM dial-out to CMS
  7. Set correct GSM gains in Tune Parameters
  8. Fixed problem when GSM is dialing to 2 phones. After 1st dial out ends, when voice call is answered by 2nd number, the system does not know to give alarm message, and when # is pressed to end call, Call remains connected after "thank you goodbye ."


  1. User Timers allow all 64 timers (for ULTRA)to be active at one time, instead of only 16 active at a time

Date and Time

  1. If the dedicated Real time clock crystal is not working, the main CPU crystal will act as a backup real time clock but with less accuracy
  2. Improved UCM DT command so that if date is not changed, it does not change the date parameter and activate new day check for sunrise/sunset and daylight saving. Partial parameters e.g. DT2008 are accepted and will reply DT and go into event log.


  1. Fixed from 5.114 screeching sound on speaker during download and causes Line check to detect false line cut.
  2. Fixed problem where voice lost may prevent sentence task from ending which may prevent download vocabulary from working
  3. Fixed occasional LCD text download error (*1 on keypad) due to checksum error

Infrared Transmission

  1. IR Transmit buffer increased from increased from 128 to 245 to allow longer codes to be transmitted
  2. Improved IR Transmit accuracy by removing extra length of 1st carrier mark (affects IR signals without leaders
  3. IR transmission implemented change which improves the accuracy of reproducing very short pulses of Infrared signal known as "marks"

Door Station

  1. Doorbell pressed, say Doorbell and go direct to doorbell intercom without 0 for door station


  1. Implemented Ring Filtering algorithm to filter phantom calls by minimum rung pulse duration 100 ms. Send RP to UCM after 1st ring pause after ring is validated, not at 2nd ring.

Local Phone Menu

  1. Fixed problem with local phone arming - after pressing * to abort arming, the user menu could be heard on the Keypads

UCM Support

  • Accept DA with max 36 codes increased from 24 codes to be used with UCM/HDL
  • Fixed DA command to UCM does not work for SKIP action

Bug Fixes

  • From 5.140-144: When doorbell is pressed, pressing 0 for Door Station does not go direct into Intercom, and the menu is not announced. Must press 0 to go into Intercom
Known Bugs
  • If Modules & Settimgs Show alarms is disabled,  Door station  chime is not heard
  • CMS phone type was allowed to be entered in Phones 3 to 8
  • Z? Cannot work for LEM03
  • If LCD sector is not found in voice flash, endless loop green led does not blink,  and there is no Rs485 communications.
  • Keypad Volume Level Slider (Loc 54) has no effect on keypad announcement
  • Clear Answ Machine Bypass (Program menu 1,0,0) also clears Call Screening of calls on Keypad 1
  • UCM DA200 open door command causes reset
  • When GSM is accessing comfort, local phone offhook will cause line cut detect and cut off call
  • Wrong Daylight saving Time change if last day of DST change is < 31st of month
  • Play Reminder Message on any Door Station will play on all Keypads and Door Stations
  • In Dial out to fixed line phones (not mobile), if no DTMF, continuous or Busy tone is detected by Comfort then the call may not end.
  • GSM incoming call is not answered when  an alarm is repeatedly announcing  zones on the keypad
  • Action 88 Do alarm User is not recorded into event log
  • Door Station operation. After Reset, when the doorbell is pressed, and answered by the local phone, the phone will not be able to hear the doorstation. As long as the local phone is used for 1 second at least, the door station will work normally.
  • Tuning Parameter 51 (Mic Gain for Keypad Recording) does not work, keypad recording is soft
  • Zone 64 does not work
  • When there is dial out to GSM the announcement eg "Security off" becomes very soft
  • Week 53 gives wrong Sunrise/sunset Times
  • LEM03 Zone names for Zones 17 to 24 are not displayed on KP04
  • UCM DA Do Action 200 causes RESET
Upgrade Instructions - Important
This firmware upgrade can be performed on a Comfort system with onboard Flash firmware or Flash firmware on an MPU plug-in board, using the UCM05 and the Programming cable supplied. The following steps should be carried out when upgrading firmware from an older version to 5.145 or newer. If not upgrading, skip this section

  • Perform the firmware upgrade using the UCM05. THIS DOES NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE A MPU01 WITH ULT 5.145,
  • Do a Transfer > Vocab Upgrade using Comfigurator. Select the file kate29.bin for English which can be downloaded from  This is for the English vocabulary only. For other languages, contact your Cytech distributor. WARNING!! Vocabulary Upgrade will erase the recorded messages including Greeting and Reminder Messages. These will need to be re-recorded
  • If you have an existing ccl file which has been used to configure your system, open the file in Comfigurator 3 using File > Open > Files of Type Comfigurator 2 (ccl). This opens your ccl file created by Comfigurator 2. Save as cclx which is the Comfigurator 3 file format
  • If you are reprogrammming from scratch, do File > New and select Comfort II Ultra (or a different model if applicable)
  • Check Modules and Settings > Configuration Flags. Uncheck "Detect Battery Disconnected" and "Require Engineer Code to Write Configuration" Check "Show Alarms"
  • When the upgrade has been completed, enter the user code (default 1234#) and listen to the user menu on the keypad. You should hear "7 for Volume". Enter 50# to get the default keypad volume.

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 Posted: Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008 02:18 pm
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This is the User Manual addendum which comes with the firmware, updated to User manual version 3.07 It describes the changes in user operation due to Ultra 5.145

The full User Manual can be downloaded from Cytech's website

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 Posted: Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008 02:25 pm
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The new tuning Parameters guide for adjusting the intercom parameters can be downloaded from

This document shows a blcok diagram of the workings of the Intercom and gives guidance on how to adjust the Tuning parameters in Comfigurator if necessary

This is applicable to the firmware 5.145 and above

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 Posted: Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008 02:34 pm
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The zip file  consists of modified default files and templates for Comfigurator, to be used with the new Comfort II Ultra firmware version 5.145
Unzip into your Comfigurator Folder (c:/Program Files/Cytech/Comfigurator)

This is not necessary with new Versions of Comfigurator

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 Posted: Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008 02:37 pm
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Known Bug

There is a minor bug in firmware 5.145

After reset, if the doorbell on the Door station is pressed, and the local phone is used to talk the the Door station, the visitor at the Door station can hear the user on the phone but not the other way round

This only occurs if the local phone  has not been used, ie handset is lifted offhook before. Once the local phone has been used, the doorbell operation will be normal, ie both sides can hear the other


This topic is now Closed, due to the length. Please post comments in a new topic

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