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Output Actions
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 Posted: Thursday Jul 30th, 2015 03:17 pm
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The Output Category contains all the actions involving Outputs

Pulse Output

Activate Siren
Activate one of the 20 Siren Types. Select a Siren type to activate

All Outputs off
Turn off all outputs on Comfort, Slaves and Local Expansion Modules

Bell Output
Switch the Bell (Siren) Output On or Off

Blinds Operation
Select the  Blind # (1 to 8), Operation Stop, Up or Down
This refers to the Blinds Function in Functions

Get Output State
Get the value of the selected Output number. The value is 0 for off, or 1 for On. This value is used in the next Action "If Last Action Value"
Get Output 1
If Last Action Value =0 Then

Infrared Command
Any Infrared code in the IR Library (Configuration > Infrared Transmit Codes) can be selected to be transmitted to any Output in Comfort. An Infrared Transmitter (IRM01, IR01W, IR03W) must be connected to the selected Output and pointed  at the Infrared Receiver. IRM01 is for longer distances (8 meters line of sight). IR01W is for short range 1 meter, IR03W is a stick-on IR emitter to be pasted over the IR receiver and comes with a visible RED led to show transmission
Select the IR Code Name and Output

Open Door
Open the door or gate of the Door station with DM02
Select DM02 ID 1 to 3, and Pulse time in 10 ms units
This response can be used in the Open Door or Open Gate Response in Events > Misc Events

Set Output
Select the Output #, and operation On, OFF, Toggle, Pulse 1 sec, Flash
Flash Output will cause the output to alternate on and off at 2 second interval until an Output on or off command is sent to the same output

Siren Off
Turn off the active siren type

Strobe Output
Control the Strobe output. Select On or Off

Switch Aux Supply On/off

Control the S12V Output (Switched 12V) On or off. This is normally used to switch the S12V off to reset Smoke or heat detectors  after they have been activated
This can be in a Response assigned to the Security Off Response or Home Control Menu

Toggle Output State
Toggle the selected Output ie change the state of the output from off to on or vice versa.

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