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Guide for Installers for testing the Security System
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 Posted: Saturday Nov 22nd, 2014 10:55 am
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There are several tools for testing the Comfort security system that can be used by Installers and end users.
This assumes that the wiring, installation, and programming has been completed.

Security Check (F,3,2)
Press F,3,2 on any keypad.  This starts the Security Check. In this mode, all open zones are announced on all keypads, and any zone that is opened is immediately announced at it happens. Listen to the list of already open zones and walk through the premises to trigger Motion sensors and open windows and doors.
Note that there is no announcement when the zone is closed. if a zone is announced at the start, close and open it again. This should cause it to be announced. If it is not announced again, it means the zone is permanently open, ie the sensor  is probably not connected to the correct zone. 

Tamper, panic and 24 hour zones are announced but do not cause any alarm.  If  any 24 hour zones are still activated at the end of the security test, this will cause an alarm.

Press F to end.  The security check does not time out. Security check can only be activated when the system is disarmed, ie in Security Off, and not when the system is armed.

This is a very useful way to test the zone connections. In less capable security systems, you may have to arm the security system and actually trigger alarms by each zone to test them.

This can also be done using the User Mode in Comfigurator.  View > User Mode

In Security Check mode, Zone Responses are not activated. Alarm types  are not activated so security check does not test the activation of the programmed alarm

To take advantage of Security Check, the zones should have words assigned, in Security > Zones/ Inputs. If no words are assigned, the zone will be announced by the zone number eg Zone 2, Zone 3, which is  not helpful.

Dial test (F,3,3)
Press F,3,3 on the keypad to start the dial test. Comfort says "Dial Test, Press F to end"
This dials to all the programmed phones in the Security Phone Numbers (max 8) according to the phone type and turns on the keypad speaker to hear the dialing progress tones. Busy tones and  ringing tones during the dialing process are heard.

This can also be done using View > User Mode in  Comfigurator in the Phone Numbers Screen. Select the keypad to hear the dial test.

For Voice Phone Types, Comfort dials to the phone number and announces "Dial Test". Press # on the phone keyboard to acknowledge and end the call. DO NOT HANG UP the PHONE, otherwise the system will redial the number after a minute.

For CMS Phone Type (Monitoring station), Comfort will dial to he programmed CMS number and allows the CMS tones signals to be heard including handshake and kissoff tones. The CMS receiver will receive a Test signal instead of an alarm signal. This is a very useful tool for testing CMS dialing as you can hear if the CMS dialing succeeds, and if not, for what reason, eg Handhake or kissoff not received, or line  is busy or the CMS number is wrong

For SMS phone Type, Comfort will send SMS  to the programmmed mobile phone with the time stamp and alarm Type "Dial Test". UCM/GSM module is required for SMS.

Other less advanced security systems need to arm the system and trigger alarms in order to test the dial out. Other systems can only dial to 1 or 2 numbers instead of 8 for Comfort and do not have the different phone types supported by Comfort

if the UCM/ETH03 is installed, an email will be sent with Dial Test Alarm Type, see

Battery Test F,3,1
Press F,3,1 on the keypad to start a Battery test.
This tests the backup battery by switching off the AC power to Comfort for 2 minutes and allowing the backup battery to supply power to Comfort. If a low battery is detected within this time, there is a Battery Warning Alarm reported on the keypad with the trouble alarm fast beeping and display on the Keypad. The battery test is ended and there will be a Battery Warning Restore reported. This also starts a periodic battery test every 24 hours from this manual test. A typical battery may last 2 to 5 years. If the battery warning is reported every day it means that it is time to change the battery
Note that each Slave SEP01 has its own battery and each Slave battery is tested and reported at the same time

Strobe Test (F,3,5)
Press F,3,5 on the keypad for Strobe test
The keypad says
"Strobe, press 1 for on, 0 for off"
Press 1 to turn on the strobe. This gives time to check that the strobe light is turned on. This is normally on top of the siren box.
Press 0 to turn off the strobe

Siren test (F,3,4)
Press F,3,4 on the keypad to turn on the siren for 2 seconds. This is short enough not to cause too much disturbance to neighbours

These innovative features assist installers and end users in testing Comfort
Also see "Common Problems encountered" at

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 Posted: Saturday Nov 22nd, 2014 02:15 pm
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Not forgetting of course that my "Object Matrix" feature in ComfortClient can be very useful for doing walk tests and then exporting the results. An important part for any installers toolkit!  :)

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 Posted: Sunday Aug 5th, 2018 06:23 am
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Common Problems encountered are listed here

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