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Connecting Comfort - Quick Guide
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 Posted: Sunday Jun 2nd, 2013 09:21 am
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This is a short guide to connecting Comfort and other modules for the first time. This assumes that the setup and connection is done on the test bench prior to installation and the Comfort system is at default condition, ie has not been programmed yet.

The minimum equipment required are
  1. Comfort CP9000 Controller including Metal enclosure and transformer
  2. Keypad one or more of KP03, KP04, KP05, KP06KT03
  3. UCM/ETH03 or UCM/USB for programming with Comfigurator. The UCM is required to program Comfort but is not required for normal operation, and can be removed after programming. However a UCM/ETH03 allows remote proramming and access by Comfort iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet apps and is recommended to be included.
  4. Other UCMs (like KNX, Cbus, Zwave, GSM), Door Stations, SCS/RIO  or Slave Expansions (optional)
The Comfort controller PCB has 8 inputs (for security sensors), 8 Outputs, dedicated Siren, Strobe, Speaker outputs, dedicated Tamper Inputs, Telephone Line in, Telephone Line Out, AC Input (from Transformer), Battery Backup terminal for 12V 7AH sealed lead acid battery

Refer to the Hookup Diagram for the connection information
Enlarged illustration of the Comfort PCB:

Pluggable terminal blocks are used in Comfort so that the terminal blocks can be removed from the PCB without unscrewing wires, which is a great time-saver.

The Inputs Z1 to Z8 are normally connected to security sensors and magnetic contacts. Each pair of Inputs eg Z1 and Z1 has a common center connection. Each input has a jumper setting (JZ1 to JZ8) for No End of Line or Double end of line resistor. If the sensor does not have 2 end of line resistors (supplied in the accessory pack) then the JZ1 to JZ8 shunt should be plugged  closer to the terminal blocks in the NO EOL position.

If the sensors are not connected at this time, the Zone Test Switch is a useful tool to simulate the inputs for testing. a ZTS is connected to a pair of inputs and has buttons to simulate the input. Each input can be set at Normally Open or Normally Closed state. Since alarm inputs are normally closed, the ZTS is very useful especially when testing inputs that are not connected or wired yet.

The alarm outputs (Siren, Strobe and Speaker) can be left unconnected.

OP1 to OP8 are the 8 Open-collector outputs. 2 adjacent Outputs have a common +12V terminal. When the output is turned on, the output terminal is pulled to a low voltage (near 1V). The Outputs can be connected to Relays RLY01,RLY02) or to Infrared Transmitters (IRM01, IR01W, IR03W in order to send Infrared signals to AV equipment or split unit Airconditioners. The outputs can be left unconnected if not used.

The Test Lamps are connected to a pair of outputs. This is  a useful tool that allows testing of outputs

The Tamper Input on Comfort (TAMP and COM) must be shorted to prevent the Tamper alarm from being activated immediately on power on. This is normally connected to a Tamper switch.

The TEL IN terminal can be connected to the incoming telephone line. If not available, it can be left open, but take note that this will cause a "Phone Trouble " alarm to happen after 1 minute of power on.
The TEL OUT terminal can be connected to the house phones or left open at this stage

Connection to an external Siren/bellbox instructions can be seen here

The Transformer secondary is connected to the terminals marked "AC 14V"

The Back up battery  (12V 7AH sealed lead acid) is required to provide backup power to Comfort in case of mains power failure. 

The battery is connected to BATT+ and BATT-  terminals using the battery cable.

The RED wire must be connected to the 12V terminal of the battery and the Black wire to the 0V (negative) terminal. Reverse connection will cause a short circuit and will cause excessive heating of the cable and damage to the battery

The battery need not be connected at this time. It can be connected after the system is tested.

The Comfort Installation Manuals has full instructions
There is a detailed Connection diagram which can be downloaded from

The Comfort Wiring Guide for additional information can be downloaded from

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 Posted: Sunday Jun 2nd, 2013 09:38 am
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Connection to UCMs

UCM/USB is shown above

Connect UCMs to Comfort using the 4 way white cable shown below from JP2 or JP2A on the UCM to "RS485" 4 way header on Comfort. The 4 way cable can also be used to connect to other UCMs in a daisy chain connection.

4 way RS485 cable shown above

DO NOT CONNECT the UCM Firmware programming cable shown below! This is only used for upgrading firmware version 5 to the latest firmware. Firmware version 6 and above do NOT require this cable.

UCM Firmware programming cable. DO NOT CONNECT

Refer to the UCM Manual for detailed information

The UCM/USB or UCM/ETH03 used to program Comfort with the Comfigurator software should be set to ID=1 which is the default setting.

For UCM/USB driver installation, please see

The ID of the UCM is set by DIP switch SW7 in the above photo (in older UCMs, shunts may be used instead of DIP switch).
ID settings are as follows

A      B      C      D          ID
On   On    On    On       1
Off   On    On    On       2
On   Off    On    On       3
Off   Off    On    On       4
On   On    Off    On       5
Off   On    Off    On       6
On   Off    Off    On       7
Off   Off    Off    On       8
Off   Off    Off    Off      Use COPY Button

The newer way of setting the IDs is to put all switches ABCD to OFF and using the COPY button as shown in

Other UCMs eg UCM/Cbus, UCM/KNX, UCM/Zwave, UCM/Universal, UCM/Dupline etc are connected in the same way, and needs their ID to be set in the same way.
The UCM used for programming must have the ID set as 1, and other "external" interface UCMs ID must be 2 and higher. The 4 way cable can be used to connect from one UCM to the next via JP2 and JP2A.

Keypads, Slaves, SCS and other UCMs should have their ID set so that there is no conflict with other modules of the same type. for example if there are 3 keypads, their IDs should be 1, 2, 3 with no missing IDs. Similarly if there are more than 1 UCM in the system, the ID should be set to 1, 2,3 etc with no missing Ids. If IDs are not unique they will conflict with each other and will not be able to communicate with Comfort.
Ids of different modules are independent and separate, ie Keypad IDs and UCM Ids will not conflict. KP ID=1 and UCM ID=1 can exist in the same system.

Connection to Keypads
Open the back housing of the keypad to connect the  wires to it.
Connect Keypads to Comfort using 6 wires (CAT5);
Comfort                       Keypad
12V                               12V (NOT S12V)
COM                              COM
KA                                 KA
KB                                 KB
KP VOICE                      VOICE
KP MIC                          MIC

Connection to Door Stations
Connect Door Stations to Comfort also using 6 wires (CAT5)
Comfort                       Keypad
12V                               12V (NOT S12V)
COM                              COM
KA                                 KA
KB                                 KB
DP VOICE                      VOICE
DP MIC                          MIC

Comfort provides power to UCMs, Keypads and other modules but Slave Expansion Modules have their own transformer and power supply

Connection  to Slaves (SEP01)
Slaves should have their own power supply and 7AH 12V Battery. Comfort Controller and each Slave can supply 1A at 12V  to power detectors and sensors, relays and automation outputs.

The Slaves is connected to Comfort Controller by KA KB and COM
Comfort                    SEP01/02
KA                             KA
KB                             KB
COM                         COM

The ID of the Slave must be set starting from 1 up to a maximum of 5
The ID shunts on the Slave are used to set the ID similar to the UCM. The default ID of Slaves from the factory is 1
The Tamper input (TAMP/COM) should be shorted or connected to a Tamper switch  to prevent a Tamper alarm. Comfort can identify which slave or  keypad caused a tamper alarm.

Turn on power to Comfort. This supplies power to all the other modules connected to Comfort.

The quide will be continued in the next section to show what happens after power on

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 Posted: Tuesday Jun 4th, 2013 04:31 am
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Power On
the keypads will emit a short Beep and say "Security Off". If there is no announcement, it could mean that the wiring is wrong. Check the connections  12V, COM, KA, KB, Voice, MIC to Comfort. Check the Keypad ID is set to 1,  For KP03, KP04, KP05  A,B C shunts all shorted to set  KP #1.  For KP06, ID is set by pressing * for 3 seconds to enter the settings menu, then follow instructions on the LCD. For KT03, press Setup button on the Home Screen and select ID to change the ID

You should be able to sign in on the keypad by entering the default user code 1234#. The keypad should speak the user menu "Welcome, Security off, press 1 to arm security system, 2 for messages 3 for security menu,  " etc. The user menu is described in the Comfort User Manual.
Press F to end the User Menu. The keypad politely says "Thank You, Goodbye"

The UCM should have the RDY (green) led steady on and D9 (red) led blinking fast, and D10 (green) led blinking very fast so it may appear to be steady on. This means that the UCM is working and the ID is set to 1. If there is another UCM connected eg UCM/KNX, its ID should be set to 2.
If the Red D9 led is off, it means that the UCM ID is not polled. Check that the UCM ID is set to 1. SW7 DIP switches  A, B, C, D should be at ON position. Refer to topic "UCM ID Setting by buttons" at for information on how to check UCM ID and to change the ID
In older UCMs, the SW7 is a row of headers with shunts instead of DIP switch. Shunt inserted is the same as DIP switch in ON position ie UCM ID#1 should have all shunts ABCD inserted.

Tamper Alarm
If the siren sounds on power on, it means that the Tamper Input on Comfort controller may be open. Connect a short wire across the tamper terminal block and enter the default code 1234# on the keypad. This turns off the alarm and keypad says "Security Off"

Phone Trouble
If the telephone line is not connected to TEL IN, there wil be a "Phone Trouble " Alarm after 1 minute, which causes the keypad to beep for 10 seconds and the LCD display will show "Phone Trouble ". Ignore this for now if you are not able to connect a telephone line.

If you have reached this point, you are ready to use Comfigurator with the system.
Continue with "Getting Started with Comfigurator here

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 Posted: Sunday Aug 11th, 2013 04:25 am
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New Installers should buy the EV003 Training/Evaluation kit which includes the Comfort controller CP9000, KP06 and KT03 Keypads, UCM/ETH02 interface and UCM/GSM, and is connected and pre-programmed and comes with all documentation on a USB drive.
It includes the Zone Test switches and Output Test lamps so inputs and outputs can be tested

This is an excellent tool for learning Comfort, and can also be used as a portable demo system

 Posted: Saturday Nov 22nd, 2014 09:50 am
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The detailed connection diagram is shown below

This can be downloaded from

Another diagram, the Hookup diagram is included with Comfort on the lid of the enclosure. This can be downloaded from

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