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How to Upgrade Firmware over the Comfort Bus
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 Posted: Saturday Aug 13th, 2011 09:51 am
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Comfort II and other modules from firmware 5.100 onwards could be upgraded using  a UCM and a Programming Cable, see

This requires connecting the programming cable between the UCM and the module to be upgraded and inserting the PP2 shunt.

With Comfort, SEM and UCM firmware, there is an easier way to upgrade firmware, without using the UCM programming cable and physically accessing the Comfort enclosure. You can even throw away your PP2 shunts (No, not really)

To summarise the 3 methods of firmware upgrading are;
  1. By UCM Programming cable from UCM - This is the old way where a UCM with its programming cable has to be connected to the module to be upgraded
  2. By Direct Connection to PC - This applies to UCM/232, UCM/Ethernet and UCM/USB which is connected to a PC ie in Options > Settings> UCM Connections. This is described in
  3. By Comfort Bus - this applies to the following modules; Comfort, Slaves, UCM/GSM, UCM/Zwave, UCM/Cbus, UCM/Velbus, UCM/Universal (and other "external" UCMs which cannot be directly connected to a PC and Comfigurator. This upgrades the modules on the Comfort Bus.
Note that KP03, KP04, DP03, RIO and SCS cannot be upgraded by this way. They will be replaced by newer products that can be upgraded by Bus

Minimum Requirements for upgrade by Comfort Bus
  1. UCM/232, Ethernet or USB firmware 6.008 and above
  2. Comfort Firmware 6.005 and above
  3. Comfigurator 3.3.1 and above
If your Comfort or UCM firmware is then you must use the old method of upgrading by UCM programming cable to upgrade to the versions

Procedure for upgrade by Comfort Bus
  • It is NOT necessary to shunt PP2 for this procedure.
  • In Comfigurator, go to Options > Connections > UCM Connection and select USB, Serial or Ethernet then the port to connect to the UCM doing the upgrade.
  • Go to Transfer > Firmware Upgrade and select "For Module Connected to Comfort Bus"

  • Enter your user code in the pop-up window when asked
  • Comfigurator will scan the modules and discover which modules can be upgraded by Bus (firmware 6.000 and above). a window will open as shown below

  • Select the module to upgrade and press OK
  • You will have to press F0 on any keypad before you can upgrade the firmware. If not Comfigurator will prompt you to press F0
  • A window will open for file selection. Browse to the folder with the cbf firmware file. The latest firmware upgrade files can be downloaded from
  • When the file is selected the firmware upgrade will start. A progress bar will appear showing the progress of the upgrade. There will be 2 stages of firmware upgrading. Do not interrupt the firmware upgrading at any point.
  • The time taken to upgrade firmware depends on the size of the file. Comfort firmware upgrade will take 10 to 15 minutesm and UCMs and slaves will take just a few minutes. Do not attempt to operate Comfort during this time.
  • If the firmware upgrading is interrupted for any reason by an error message or program or PC crash, just repeat the procedure. DO NOT RESET or remove power from from Comfort or the module being upgraded, otherwise the firmware will be corrupted. Always repeat the firmware upgrade immediately if there is a problem.
  • When the firmware upgrade has been completed without errors, the module is ready for use.
If the firmware upgrade fails and cannot be repeated successfully or if the power is removed or Reset button is pressed during the Upgrade then all is not lost. Use the UCM programming cable to upgrade the Comfort firmware as shown in

Note that since the Comfort firmware is corrupt, you cannot login to the UCM in Comfigurator. DO NOT try to log in., Just go to Transfer > Upgrade Firmware and select Upgrade Firmware by Programming Cable

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